Placing wholesale orders of RuffleButts just got easier! We've implemented two simple ways to order via our website. Use this quick FAQ to get started quickly and easily placing orders - online!

Item by Item

Bulk Ordering
This method allows you to browse around the website, viewing full product pages, and adding items to your cart as you go. It's great if you want to see full product info, and what pairs well with what. Bulk ordering is best if you know exactly what you want and want to add it quickly. It allows you to add a large number of similar items (Woven RuffleButts, Knit Crawlers, Short Sleeve Tees, etc.) quickly and easily.
Eligible Items: Take note of the COLOR of each individual item description / link as you move from page to page. Items listed in PINK are eligible for wholesale ordering, while items listed in GREY are NOT currently available for wholesale ordering.

Selecting Sizes: Use the quantities box on each eligible item's page to select the desired # of each size (leave blank or type 0 for NONE)

Eligible Items: Only items that are currently available for wholesale ordering will appear on the bulk item screens, simply use the Bulk Order Table to navigate thru and view each desired page

Selecting Sizes: Use the quantities box next to each respective item to select the desired # of each size (leave blank or type 0 for NONE)

  • BackOrders / Sold Out Items: Items currently on BackOrder will have their size box shaded PURPLE, while limited edition items that are Sold Out and no longer available will not have a size box displayed at all1.
  • Adding items to your Cart: After you've selected the desired quantities simply click
  • Viewing Cart: After clicking the Add to Cart button you'll be shown the current items in your Shopping Cart. You can also view your current cart items at any time by clicking the Shopping Bag link at the top-right corner of every page.

  • Changing Qty's in Cart: To change the # of items you'd like to order, use the corresponding Quantity box in your cart to change to your desired quantity (use 0 to delete item[s]) and then click the 'Update Shopping Cart' button.

  • Checkout: To checkout simply complete click the 'Proceed to Checkout' button from the cart (or the red CHECKOUT button at the top-right corner of any page). Fill out the entire form and hit PLACE ORDER.

  • Order Confirmation: After placing your order, you'll receive an email confirmation immediately and we'll get your order right into our processing queue! We do our best to ship all orders within 2 business days, so please ensure all changes are made within 24 hours of being placed.

We do our best to keep inventory updated as accurately as possible, though we unfortunately cannot guarantee availability. Any discrepancies will be addressed as soon as possible.
2) Shipping will be calculated correctly for United States addresses, with international orders being charged a flat $35 Shipping DEPOSIT (we'll contact you with the additional charges and the balance will be charged prior to your order shipping out)
3) Current inventory levels may affect the quantities we're able to ship and therefore your final order total. Any item(s) added or subtracted from the order, as well as shipping charge variances, will be charged or credited respectively to your card prior to shipment.
Domestic First Orders • $350 Minimum Order • 6 pieces per style per color
Domestic Re-Orders • $150 within 60 days • $350 61+ days
International First Orders • $750 Minimum Order • 6 pieces per style per color
International Re-Orders • $350 within 60 days • $750 61+ days
The minimum is the combined total of Ruffle AND RuggedButts items in the order. This is for the benefit of our customers as much as it is for us, as this is the best way to share the RuffleButts products with your customers. It's been proven that larger orders create larger displays, command more of your customer's attention, and almost always results in higher sales for you! In rare and unique circumstances we have been able to offer some flexibility and work with our retailers on lower minimums. ReOrders within 60 days are only required to meet a $150 minimum domestically and $350 internationally. **
5) Order can (and we absolutely recommend) be a combination of RuffleButts and RuggedButts products. There is no extra charge for ordering from both lines, and all items, regardless of line, will be shipped together.