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I just have to take a moment to extend my sincerest appreciation to those that have taken the time to email me and comment with words of encouragement and support. I work with some of the most amazing retailers!! I thank those of you in support of my quality commitment. I have also been so touched by the emails that have come in from others in the business. It is such a wonderful feeling to know that I am not alone.

I continue my amazement at the number of incredibly talented, supportive and sincere individuals that I have "met" in this blogging world. I started the RuffleBlog as a marketing tool for my new business, but it has turned out to be so much more!

For those of you taking a little time to visit some new blogs over the holidays, these are just a few I would like to pass along. Not only are they interesting and well-written, their authors seem to be some of the most incredible women out there!

My Little Dish
Sweet, Happy Life
Mommy Cracked
Blog Mommas
Chicken Fried Therapy
Joelle - Dolce Bebe
I Still Hate Pickles

That is just a start, I will be sure to share more favorites at a later date! I hope you all are having a wonderful day. Can you believe that 2008 is just over a week away?? I know that the year holds many exciting adventures in store for all of us!!