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Weekend packing!

14 years ago 823 Views No comments

So, it is actually happening...after all of this preparation, the office is now 95% packed up and ready to go. I will be in the office all day today trying to wrap up all last minute business and then Charlotte here we come!

I must say, as a pretty independent person, I was not prepared for the physical limitations of pregnancy. I thought I could suck it up and pull it off, but after a very long day on Saturday, my wonderful husband had to step in and force me to sit at my desk most of the day on Sunday. He literally packed up my entire office pretty much on his own...major points for him, although he kinda needed those points this week =)

So, this is the state of the RuffleButts headquarters at this moment (it's a little sad and empty), but we are looking forward to getting our new offices all set up and beautified by early next week.

I also had to throw in this highly embarrassing picture that my husband surprisingly snapped last weekend when he caught me in bed having a very prego moment with my Dunkin Dounuts!! Fortunately, for me, the picture turned out a little blurry, but still a good laugh! You also have to notice my little jealous one in the lower left corner...isn't she cute!