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Up and down

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Any mom, grandma, business owner, or really any person can relate to me here...but sometimes I am just plain worn out! As women, we sometimes have the natural tendency to look at others and wonder how in the world they hold it all together. We compare ourselves, and resurrect that nasty little emotion called guilt. I keep in touch with a few other business owners and one of them yesterday just kept telling me how she was a bit overwhelmed by this whole business thing. I can totally relate to her and told her that I understand, but she will get through this and is definitely not alone!

Okay, I am almost done with my whining, I promise!! So today, I am finalizing those big decisions that I mentioned earlier this week and dealing with more production delays (I am learning that production delays are just a requirement to be in this business!). The delays don't affect any of our customers (yet), since I planned so far in advance - learned my lesson last season, but it is still a big headache and keeps me up at night! I am so glad today is Friday, as it is a welcomed break this week. I have been so excited about the business lately, and I definitely am still on that up, but I just need a little rest to keep me going.

See, you are not alone!! We all have our days. I used to feel extremely guilty about them, but I am starting to accept the fact that I am human and just have days a little less up than others.

Have a great weekend!