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Universal Studios

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Ruffle Intern: V

Short week again! Amber is out of town for a couple days so the first half of the week was a rush to make sure we filled all our responsibilities to our customers and shipped out as many orders we could. The backordered t-shirts came back from the screen printer on tuesday. I was able to finally pull/package/ship all the orders that had been waiting on these items and it felt so good! I love being able to cross things off my mental list and accomplish whatever tasks are ahead of me.

On a less intense note, I used the day off on Friday to take a trip to Universal Studios with my family; it was so much fun!!! My boyfriend comes with us on all our family trips (and vice versa with me and his family) and there is nothing I love more than when all the people I love are together and having a great time. The weather was a little iffy with on and off showers, but we packed our ponchos (yes, we wear ponchos at theme parks) and got to do all the rides and shows we wanted to get in.

Anyway, I'll be back in the office Wednesday. Hope everyone had a great weekend!