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Undercover Boss

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Although I am sadly a fan of some reality shows, I didn't watch the recent "Undercover Boss" show. I must admit I was intrigued when I saw the preview, mostly curious as a business owner myself, but missed the show. Since then, I understand there has been a bit of controversy over the premise behind the show...people love controversy!!! Anyway, Mark sent over a quote to me this morning from an interview with president and COO of Waste Management, Larry O'Donnell (the CEO on the show) posted on The Corner Office Blog. This quote really hit home with us, as this is very much our philosophy as well. We are obviously a MUCH smaller company, but I firmly believe that you must have a positive experience behind the scenes to share a positive experience with your customers.

"When you can transform your company from a place where people just show up to collect a paycheck to a company where they feel appreciated, they feel recognized, they feel like they have a voice and they become engaged in helping you solve the problem, what a powerful company."