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Tips for the Perfect First Day Of School Photos

Tips for the Perfect First Day Of School Photos
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New Fall LooksBack-to-school season is here! If you are anything like us, you are most likely preparing for that first day and the special photos of your little one as they jump back into the swing of things. Use our tips for the perfect first day of school pictures to capture the beginning of their new year! Those fun memories will last a lifetime.

1. Pick the perfect outfit! You will get a more genuine smile if they feel comfortable with their first day of school style. Plan ahead and have them help you pick the look. Let her wear that brand new Southern Tee or something in her favorite shade of pink!

2. Pre-plan the background. Do you have a colorful front door? Looking to snap the perfect shot in the classroom? Make a game plan and stick to it!

3. Test the lighting. Jump out of bed early and see where you'll get the best light. You don't want them squinting into the sun!

4. Add simple props. Grab an apple, stack of pencils, or their favorite book. Some of the cutest back to school photo's we've seen were simple with just a back pack and lunch box!

5. Don't forget to have some fun! Hop in the photo and give them a big smooch, party as you send them off, or give them a big ol' hug. Keeping the atmosphere fun and friendly will result in more amazing snap shots!

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Now that you have heard our tips we would love to hear any of yours! Comment below and let us know how you get that perfect shot! Don't forget to tag @RuffleButts in your back to school pictures!