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How to Throw a Gender Reveal Party

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They seem to be all the rage lately. Gender reveal parties are the latest trend in the baby world, and for those of you with patience (this certainly excludes me personally), a really fun idea! So, what is this party they speak of? Well, it's a fun way to bring your friends and family together to learn what color will be filling your home...is it pink or blue?? Here are some really fun ideas for the shindig:

First you must decide if you will learn at the docs office, then plan all the fun for your party guests. If you want to be a part of the fun, there are a few options to join in on the surprise.

1) At your doc visit, instead of sharing the news, have them write the sex of your little bun on a piece of paper and seal in an envelope.

2) Take that envelope to your favorite bakery and let them in on the plan. You must hand over the envelope and ask them not to share. You can either order a big cake topped with chocolate or buttercream icing, but then have them color the inside cake to either blue or pink, depending on what's inside the secret envelope. You can do the same thing with cupcakes, having them add a pink or blue filling in the middle. This way, when you cut into the cake at your party, it's the big reveal and news to all!

3) Another fun idea that I recently read, is it have your bestie peak in on the big secret (but you have to promise not to probe her prior to the big party). Buy a huge box and decorate the outside with "Boy or Girl???". Have her fill the box with helium-filled pink or blue balloons. Hire your favorite photog and open the box at your party. It will make for great pics to capture those faces of true joy and surprise.

4) Take a tally from your guests when they enter the party. Maybe have a chalkboard with boy and girl headings and have your guests enter their tally. You could also have them write their name on the side of their best guest. Those that guess correctly can win a fun prize once revealed. You can take a picture of all the people that guessed correctly to add to your baby book.

5) My personal suggestion...if it's a girl, you can put RuffleButt Bloomers in small boxes and have your guests unwrap the boxes all together to reveal the news that you will be having a little "RuffleButt" of your own. This is a great excuse to have a rainbow of RuffleButts awaiting your little angel when she arrives. They also make for precious newborn photos!!

My biggest tip...record the reactions. This is definitely one to capture on photographs, a treasured memory moment.

Boy or girl, we send sincere CONGRATULATIONS!!