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The RuffleMobile

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These past few days have been a little scary for me...my little London had to go to the vet late last night, crying nonstop and totally lethargic. London and Remy are my two little Yorkie/Bishon babies...well, they are 5 and 6, so not really babies, but my mini family members. London has been under the weather for the past 4 days, but last night I knew something was really wrong. Well, she is getting better by the hour and I now feel MUCH better!

So, on a more humerus note, I thought I'd share a picture of my family's RuffleMobile...my poor husband!

I have found with owning my own business, that I think more outside of the box and am willing to go to great lengths to make it a success. I decided that I was wasting an advertising opportunity every time I drove my car, so I had this little decal made up. I felt a little silly when I put this on my back window, until I saw a SUV completely wrapped with a singer's myspace ad on my way home from the sign store!

I warned my husband that he now has to behave himself when he's driving the RuffleMobile around South Florida! I apologize now to anyone in advance =)