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The Joy of Giving

The Joy of Giving
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I wanted to take a moment to celebrate…to celebrate our RB team, our customers, and answered prayers. I will never forget the prayers I prayed out on our apartment balcony as I searched for the idea, for my purpose and next career chapter. In that prayer, I knew I wanted to do something that could affect others in a positive way, but I just couldn’t put my finger on exactly how. I am so honored to say that RuffleButts has been an amazing blessing, in so many ways, but it has been such a pleasant surprise to watch how a for-profit business can benefit others in a very not-for-profit way.

First, I will celebrate that we were able to donate more than $250,000 of children’s apparel to the victims of Hurricane Florence. We set the goal of $200k, but with heart and determination, and the help of our social fans, we surpassed that goal. I’m also happy to report that it’s currently being distributed by World Vision USA {www.worldvision.org/disaster-relief-news-stories} in the areas affected. When I started this business, I had a hard time envisioning selling $250,000 in goods. To be here today, able to give away that amount to those in need is truly an amazing feeling

I know it may be a bit premature, being that we just started Q4, but I also want to celebrate our RuffleButts customers and RB team. This year has been a crazy one, to say the least. While we are only a few weeks into Q4, our company has experienced growth unsurpassed in the history of our company. Our team has worked their tails off to continue delivering a golden-rule experience for our customer, while our customers have rallied behind our little family business and made this all possible.

While I’m often asked if I envisioned all of this when starting RuffleButts almost 12 years ago, it’s actually a tough question to answer. I dreamed it, I hoped for it, and knew deep down that it was all possible, but envisioning something that is beyond your wildest dreams is a tough task. It was just this week that I looked up from my desk out to our team of over 40 people (40 truly wonderful, hard-working, inspiring people) that I just got a little grin. While I never quite pictured what it would look like to be a part of something this cool, I feel eternally grateful that I get to!