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The End Is Near!

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Ruffle Intern: V

I tell ya, this week it really hit me that summer is beginning to wind down.
I sat down with Amber at the beginning of the week to discuss how my internship has gone thus far. We discussed my progress as well as things I still need to work on (Phone skills! It's just not my thing!). My internship will be over come the end of this month and I can't believe how soon that is--the days are creeping past me. There are still so many things I am looking forward to this summer before I head back to New York for school, but then there is also the ever-looming summer projects for my senior thesis that I am working on. Unfortunately, those deadlines are creeping up too.

Over the summer I am suppose to design three major apparel collections. Of those three collections, I will have to choose one next semester and create it for my senior thesis. I am so nervous! This is it...the final push, the final year of college before I'm out. I hope I can create something that I am proud of and that shows off all the hard work and effort I've put into the previous three years.
We shall see...