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The Big 3-0

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So, I have never been a big one on birthdays and rarely even celebrate, as I appreciate every year, but think of it more as a celebration for my mom than for me. With that said, this year is a slight exception...not to the celebrating thing necessarily, but more about the acknowledgement. I am turning 30 this weekend. I certainly don't think that 30 is old in any way, shape or form, but it is an age that makes you take a step back for just a second. Really, I still feel 20 in many ways. I have a young appearance, so I still get carded at restaurants. I often feel entirely too young to be running a business or being someones "boss"! But here I am at 30...doesn't that mean I am now 100% adult? Since I'm a mom, I think I would now fall into that category. I'm not quite sure how I feel about all of this!

I'm excited...I have a good life, and overall where I pictured myself by age 30. But 30, really?? When I'm in the grocery store and look down at the "born before 1988" sign to purchase liquor, I about gag!!

So, my husband was a smart cookie and decided we would actually celebrate this one...he even booked a hotel room for the night (woo-hoo!!). I think he's a bit afraid I might get a little bummed out, especially considering that I will be spending my actual birthday hosting an open house on our unsold home! That's a whole other story...but for today and this weekend, I am celebrating. Thirty years of adventure - ups, downs, friends, family, living in 6 different cities (so far)...and many more adventures to come!