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The Bees Knees Kids Australia

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We work with some of the most fabulous stores all around the globe! Here is just one of them...

Bernice Greenacre, the Owner and Founder of The Bees Knees Kids, is one of the sweetest women I have ever "met". She may be on the other side of the globe, but it seems like she lives right next door! She has created this fabulous children's store and is only 6 months in, but is already a tremendous success. I am honored to work with her and am so excited to see our brand spreading across the AU!

Here is just a little about her store:

The Bees Knees Kids is an online Store specializing in Products that we are passionate about and that we use or have used, loved and that have just made our lives with two lively kids a little easier! Our focus is to provide a great range of clothing that is vibrant fun and stands out from the crowd.

When did you open the store?
In June 2009

What was your inspiration to start The Bees Knees Kids?
Buying gorgeous,unique,practical and excellent quality items for my own daughter Eva. I found this challenging to find at Chain stores and found the quality, variety and range lacking! I also dislike my children having the same clothes as every one else they are unique individuals and need to be dressed accordingly and stand out from the crowd! I also do most of my shopping for my own children online as it is convenient quick and easy. I find it a challenge having to go out and purchase things with the children and would rather do this in the comfort of my own home without the crowds. I also wanted to be able to work from home do something I am passionate about I saw that other Mums are doing this and I wanted to do the same and be at home with my children.

What is your best/funniest customer story?
One customer came to our house (we have a room set up as a shop) as we allow customers to come and shop by appointment. Her daughter made a bee line straight for the RuffleButts bloomers and the Mum went away with a few new editions to her wardrobe even her Princess couldn't resist the cuteness of the RuffleButts Bloomers!

Any RuffleButts stories from the store?
RuffleButts is by far our best seller and we are BIG fans ourselves!
Customers just keep on coming back to order more and I have recieved so many requests for certain lines that we do not yet have! We plan to have every line to make it possible for all Australians to have easy access to this gorgeous product. You will see from all our testimonials its all about RuffleButts!! LOL :-)
Another thing we love about RuffleButts is that little girls can look like little girls and not mini adults! The range is practical as you can mix and match everything for any Mum that is a huge time saver as it takes the guess work out of everything!