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It's always funny, what lights your fire...for some it's financial reward, for others it's praise. I have always been motivated by a combination of appreciation and results. Today, I was asked by a Barry University student to do a little interview as an assignment for her business class. During this interview, she asked me what my typical day was made of. My answer was not all that glamorous...packing orders, replying to emails, ordering fabric, running to and from the embroiderer or patternmaker...you know, the fun tasks of any entrepreneur with no employees!! Well, at the end of my day, as I was doing these everyday tasks and putting out fires, I received an email from a customer (see below).

Let me just tell you, this totally made my day! This is the appreciation that drives me, that makes what I do so incredibly rewarding. The fact that I am contributing a fun product to the marketplace that other people enjoy, gives me so much joy! These are the small steps that I will hopefully look back on one day when I have a company that touches not just hundreds, or even thousands, but millions of people in a positive way.

On that note, don't you just love people that take the time out of their day to share kind words with a total stranger?? I must say that I surely do!!