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Thanks Robin!

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I must say that it totally made my morning when I checked our google analytics (by the way, if you are a website owner, this program is a must-have) to find a larger than usual amount of traffic coming from iVillage.com. Turns out that this sweet lady who saw our RuffleButts in babytalk Magazine, shared her find with other moms on the message board...

" I saw this ad in a magazine I was reading at the doctor's today, I just thought they were too cute! I'm sure there's places to buy the same thing other than this website, I just haven't found it yet. Just thought I'd share!!!

I know it sounds silly, but it is always such validation when I receive feedback from others who appreciate my work! Of course, I have faith in what I am doing, but it is so tremendously rewarding and makes it so exciting to keep plugging away, when others agree!

If you are a fan of RuffleButts, I am so grateful when you take the time to share your opinions about our products...on blogs, message boards, and recommendations to tv shows, magazines & websites. You would be amazed what a little posting like this can do for a small business. Back when Kari Way took a few minutes out of her day to recommend RuffleButts to lilsugar.com, we received more website hits in one day than we had ever received before! It really takes a ton of time and even more work to share our creations with the world, and I am so touched, as always, so have the support of so many amazing women out there behind us!