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So, when you start a business, you can never really imagine all of the things that will make up your day. When someone asks me my role or title at the business, of course I have the "glamorous" official title of Owner and Founder, but what I really should say is Sales Rep, Director of Operations, Customer Service, Accountant, Janitor, Stock-girl...the list could go on forever. This week was the usual - packing orders, going through our inventory from the manufacturing debacle, meeting with new Patternmakers & Sample-makers, researching fabric, but there was a little twist...this week I was in the spot-light more than ever. I have said before that I am a little uncomfortable in this position, but I must admit that it was slightly invigorating to be so outside of my comfort zone.

Barry University about my RuffleButts experience. I wanted students to hear the real-life story of entrepreneurship - the good, the bad and the ugly. I love the "Big Idea" show, but so often I feel like these business owners share the Cinderella side of their story and leave out the "I almost jumped off the bridge" beginnings. I am still very new at this whole thing, but I wanted them to know that if they are willing to work hard enough and dream big enough, that they can do anything. Okay, I am starting to feel a little corny, but really, I mean this from the bottom of my heart. I also must say that I was extremely impressed with the students at this college. Embarassingly enough, I don't remember being such an attentive, polite invidual back in my college days...hopefully I was. I usually don't enjoy public speaking in the least, but I can honestly say that I had a very nice time.

Yesterday, I was seriously in the "spotlight" - about 10 of them literally, on the set of "Focus on South Florida" down at the CBS studios in Miami. I must say that since moving to Fort Lauderdale, I really hadn't set into one news station, but I am now the biggest fan of CBS4! This is not just because this station has supported me and my dream (although that is definitely major points!!) but also because I honestly have not met nicer people, from the Reporters to the Camera guys, to the Production guys who brought it all together! Of course, as I wrote last week, Jade Alexander, the reporter who came out to interview us, was just such a doll, as was the Camera Man that shot the spot. Jade was so sweet and supportive, I was blown away. Yesterday, I met Erika von Tiehl, as she invited me to be a part of the "Focus on South Florida" show set to air this Sunday. I don't know what I really expected from people in the news business, but I have to say that I was just so touched by the sincerity of these two women. Erika is obviously young and ambitious, but she also seems to be such a down-to-earth, genuine person. These are definitely two deservingly successful women that I will watch loyally from now on.

If you live here in South Florida, tune in this Sunday to "Focus on South Florida" on My33 in Miami at 2:30pm or on The CW in West Palm Beach at 7:00am .