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Sometimes I feel so surrounded by negative...political ads, the media, the economy, angry drivers, rude customer service representatives...that I just wanted to take a minute to appreciate the positive. Last night I watched a small part of a recorded Oprah episode, and the topic was rude people. Believe me, I think we all encounter our share, but I have to say that since our big North Carolina relocation in August, I have been so pleasantly surprised by the number of incredibly nice people that have crossed my path!

Here are just a few examples:

- Went to purchase a breast pump off Craigslist.com last night - the couple was so very friendly, gave us a good deal, threw in some extras (just out of the goodness of their hearts), and then emailed me to make sure I am happy with the purchase and to tell me congrats on the baby!

- Purchased a toy bin (again off Craigslist.com), and the super sweet lady also emailed me through the RuffleButts.com website to recommend a store for our RuffleButts and took the time to post a recommendation on her county's mommy website!!

- Met a random family at a restaurant the first weekend we were here in town and she has kept in touch with me through the website to give me advice on the business...turns out she was a children's wear buyer prior to her stay-at-home-mom promotion!

- I have received a ton of emails and blog comments from other blogging mommies after posting the recent prego pic just to share their congratulations...how sweet to take time out of their day just to share a nice comment!

- Received an email from one of my incredibly supportive and considerate friends back in FL asking "what can I do to help?" totally out of the blue. Now that's a great friend!

- This is a small one, but so important...the drivers here in Charlotte actually slow down to let you in when you put on your turn signal, instead of the speed up to block you tactic that had become the norm down in SoFL!

On top of all of these random niceties, I am always so very touched by our amazingly wonderful RuffleButts customers! I receive emails from our mommy and grandmommy customers on a regular basis sharing their kind words and adorable pictures. (Check out a few on our testimonials page!) I can not tell you how motivating and rewarding that can be for a hormone-overflowing, somewhat stressed out, a little tired, business owner/soon-to-be-mommy! I know I say it over and again, but we really have the best customers in the world!

And lastly, I am extremely fortunate to share this industry with some of the most amazingly talented and driven women. I have come across numerous companies/business owners that truly act as my inspiration and support. Just chatting with some of these other entrepreneurs brings me a sense of peace knowing that we are all in this crazy world together, going through very similar experiences and dealing with many of the same issues. Although I did enjoy my time in real estate, it is such a wonderful feeling to know that there are other women out there genuinely pulling for our success and vice versa! Here are just a few that you should definitely check out if you haven't already (in no particular order)...

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