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I really try not to complain, as I know how blessed I am to be running my own business, pursuing a dream...but, today, I am just tired. I have a ton to do, as always =) but all I really want to do is go home and lay on the couch. Throw a little afternoon Oprah into the mix and I would be set! Okay, I can stop dreaming now!!

Well, with that little bit of whining out of the way, I am nervous, but also excited to say, that I have finally come to the conclusion that I am in need of permanent help! I have opened my mind to the idea of bringing on a partner in crime, a COO if you will. Since we are still a very new company, I am not quite sure how I will afford this help, but there just has to be a way.

Any advice from you other Entrepreneurs out there? I am thinking that I have to find someone organized and ambitious, willing to do it all, right by my side. They will have to be someone of the entrepreneurial spirit, willing to work for a lesser wage in the beginning, with huge potential and possibilities for what's to come! Am I living in a dream world??

Our "full-time" NYC summer intern starts next Monday, so that will be a great trial. I am so thrilled to have her and hope that it will be a fabulous experience for us both! She will be with us for the next three months or so, which will be wonderful timing to start looking for more permanent help. I am hoping to find that perfect fit sometime between now and September, for a smooth transition. See, I am using my newly established pre-planning skills!!