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Okay, I am trying to be understanding and not bitter... so, the house contract fell through. The buyers couldn't get financing and terminated the contract. I keep telling myself it is happening for a reason, have faith Amber, have faith. So, I am going to have faith and move forward. The house is back on the market and we have a showing scheduled for tomorrow. I know it sounds silly to beg for prayers when there is so much more important stuff going on out there, children and others that need your prayers too... but, if you think about it, can you please add us into your prayers tonight?? It would be really great if God could just give me a little step stone, so I at least know where my family will be this Christmas...that would be really nice! I will be patient and know that He has a plan, but, God, selfishly I would really appreciate it if you could just give me a little peek.

I know we all have our weeks, but this week has been a bit exhausting. I'm trying not to whine, and I do know that I am so fortunate to have all of this on my plate, really I do, but man does it get tiring sometimes! Since our GC quit on our new house/office, I have been spending about half my time out there in meetings and the other half in the office trying to get caught up. My poor DVR is overflowing with shows that I hope to watch one of these days!! I know it is completely worth it, but it would just be nice to have an end in sight.

Okay, that's enough negative for now. Good news...Nordstrom just placed their order as we head toward the holidays and we have created a new surprise RuffleButt Bloomer just for them. We will also have a few available on our website, but they are definitely a limited edition. I am really excited to see them, as we are shipping from the factory just in time to be in stores by the end of next month. Believe it or not, that's quick in this business, especially when everything is overseas! The other good news, we have so many incredible customers, supporters, and now friends...I couldn't wish for anything better =)

And lastly, if you have a little one in size 2T, we have a Purple Glitter knit RuffleButt and matching t-shirt on sale for $22.99 FOR BOTH!! It sounds a little gaudy, but it's really not...it is a subtle glitter made right into the fabric and the tee is embellished with a rhinestone butterfly. It is really precious and a total steal right now!! We're already sold out of all other sizes, but if you're little one is a size 2T, or will be a size 2T next Spring, this is a hidden gem on our Sale Page!