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Sick Day

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So, I think every mom will relate to me here, work-at-home, stay-at-home, working away-from-home, whatever your situation...I guess I just didn't realize that along with motherhood comes the forgoing of all future sick-days! Don't get me wrong, motherhood is well worth this sacrifice, along with the many others that come with the honor of being called "mommy", but I came to this harsh realization this week.

I have only been sick, really sick, once since being married about 5 years ago. Well, now make that twice! I thought when I was a little under the weather on Friday, that I would kick it and be back in business by Saturday. Let's just say, by Sunday, I was waiving the white flag! I am just now starting to pull myself together, but judging on the sea of wadded tissues in front of me, I believe I'm still a bit of a pathetic mess.

Aubrey's been at home with me every one of these days, and while Mark was wonderful helping out (he vacuumed the entire house, cleaned the bathroom and cooked every meal...yes, major hubby points), it was a whole different experience being ill with child. There is a strength, I think God gives us as women, to pull it together when necessary. It wasn't a pretty sight by any means, but I survived.

So, the topper...we are leaving town on a 7:30am flight Wednesday morning for our first vacation in almost two years. We are leaving the business, the baby, and all responsibilities behind for a whole five days and four nights!! The grandparents are coming to hang out with Aubrey, which I know will be a joy for everyone involved. I am just crossing my fingers that I am all better in the next 36 hours...and that the hubby does not get it too late!