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RuffleButts on the radio...

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I have been invited by Elaine of HerBigIdea.com to participate in on on-air interview tomorrow, Wednesday, May 21st at 2:00pm EST. I always feel a little funny when I do these types of things, thinking "why would anyone want to interview me...I'm just an average person", but then I remember how inspired I was a few years back watching an Oprah episode on entrepreneurs and their big ideas. To me, RuffleButts is no "big idea", but more my baby, my creation, that I work endless hours to nurture and grow. They are not some crazy invention that made me millions, but more a work of love that I hope to develop into a charitable, inspirational, profitable organization some day, spreading ruffles and sharing smiles around the globe! My story is not one of awe or headline news, but more of an everyday person, pursuing a dream. I share my story in hopes that maybe I can touch someone or spark their own "big idea" like those entrepreneurs did for me that day on Oprah.

Elaine is someone of similar goals, and she is using her talents to encourage other women. I love her concept and the inspiration behind it. You can read a little more about her story here, but the source of her idea came from watching the television show, The Big Idea, hosted by Donnie Deutsch. I am a personal fan of this show and hope to be a guest one day, but the fact that this is HER Big Idea, is even more exciting! Women inspiring other women...I love it!

So, if you would like to learn more about RuffleButts as a company, or my story as the Owner, Founder & Designer, please join us tomorrow at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/HerBigIdea/2008/05/21/Show-007-Interview-with-Amber-from-RuffleButts. You can even call into the show to ask your own questions live on-air at 646-200-4281! The show will also be available for download, so no worries if that doesn't fit into your day. Hope to hear from you!