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Rough day

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It has been a tough day for anyone involved with the Little April Rose Blog. My heart still goes out to this family (and close friends of the family) in dealing with this incredibly difficult situation. I was just made aware that our ad has been removed, and I have great respect that they obliged our request. I hope they, as well as everyone else, understands our need to step away from the situation for the time being. I will continue to pray for both April and B regardless of opinions and truths. I feel they both need my prayers and I don't think a single prayer goes wasted when sent with sincere intentions.

I will say that I was a little taken off-guard by the emails that I received today, but overall, I am touched by the support. This is not our situation, and we should in no way be the focus of attention. If this is all honest and true, there is someone much more in need at this moment. From this point forward, I will not be commenting or responding regarding the situation. It is not about me. I will, whether you agree or disagree, continue to pray for this family. I realized that either way it went, I was not going to make everyone happy, so I have to follow my heart and do what I feel is the right thing. I live my life and run my company by the Golden Rule, and this is what I would want if the situation were reversed. I do not know if this blog is honest and I can not answer that for you, but it is not my place to decide.