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Price point

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Price - this is always a difficult and extremely important decision in business. So, I received the first negative feedback through the website last week. The mom was saying that our prices are ridiculous and not affordable for non-celebrity moms. (I found the celebrity comment kinda funny!) Anyway, she is the first and only person that has responded with negative feedback, and being the people-pleaser that I am, I really struggled with this. Then today, I found out that we are too inexpensive for one of the major retailers! I guess this is just a reminder that we can not be all things to all people.

I grew up with a single mom in Louisville, KY - she worked very hard to make sure that my needs were always met, but let's just say, we didn't shop at boutiques =) A little off the subject, but a funny story...

My mom was having one of those mother/daughter chats with me about life and death and her requests with the time comes. She was telling me that she prefers cremation and would like for me to scatter her ashes where I think of us spending quality time together. My response, at about 7 years of age...Value City!! I wanted to scatter her ashes in the clearance section of Value City! Don't you love those purely innocent, but painfully humorous answers from children??!!

Times have changed since I was a child, and I have been extremely blessed. I was determined to live a life different from that of my childhood at a very early age (don't get me wrong - I wouldn't change a thing about the way that I was raised). I worked extremely hard my entire life to get to this point and I am so very fortunate to finally be here, able to pursue a dream!

Anyway, due to my background and foundation, it was extremely important to me to create this line at an affordable price point. It is also extremely important to provide a quality product at that price point. I understand that we are more of a boutique clothing line and as a business person, I know very well that I need to stay focused on our target market. As an ambitious woman and future mom, I want to share the brand with the world! There is no better feeling than hearing the incredible feedback that I have received from so many moms across the world! I love to see the smiles that come with RuffleButts and I will continue to do everything I can to spread the joy!