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Prego Update

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So, here I am, big and round and ready to pop!! I must say that overall I have truly loved being pregnant, but I'm sure all of you moms can relate to me here...these last few weeks have been a bit trying. Creating and growing a baby is such a miraculous event, and in the very end, the human body is just pushed a bit to accommodate this little miracle going on inside!

We are now due in about 6 weeks, but our OB doesn't know if we'll quite make it. I was already dilated 1cm at our last visit and since my contractions are increasing in frequency and some of the other signs are pointing to an early arrival, we are just leaving it in God's hands at this point. She just asked me to try to make it to 34 weeks, which I am happy to say we have done, so now starts the waiting game.

Emotionally, I am in the tug-of-war, dying to see her precious little face, while also wanting her to have as much time as needed to come out healthy and happy. I also have so much to do here at RuffleButts, I want to make sure I am prepared to give her as much attention as possible when she makes her grand entrance. It is a huge relief to have our new employees in place and my mom will be here to save the day, staying with us for the first three weeks to allow me to adjust to the work/baby schedule.

I'm sure I will provide much humor here on the RuffleBlog over these next few months, as I know I am about to take the ride of my life!! And I thought the business was a roller coaster...I can't wait to see what life has in store for me. I also appreciate ANY and all advice you moms may have for me over the first few weeks. Thanks again for all of your love and support...and stay tuned!!

By the way...not the most complimentary picture, but this is my husband's cute attempt at bumping bellies with me and matching my prego look (don't worry, he's not implying that I'm fat or anything!!!).