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Pattern, after Pattern, after Pattern

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As seen through the eyes of the RuffleIntern...
This past week I was introduced to our new Fall line! Mothers get your little angels ready for the new collection. Can you say ADORABLE (times one million!) I am really excited to see how the fashion industry works when it comes to a new season's line. I have no doubts at all about the new RuffleButts fall line. These designs are amazing and the fabric choices and colors are perfect for little girls! During the hours of my internship this past week, I engaged myself with the new fall line patterns for the clothing. My duties were to copy and cut out all of the patterns for the Fall line. I now have nightmares of cutting out patterns. (Just kidding) Pattern making is one of the very first subjects that I learned about in fashion school. Sometimes it can become extremely difficult to make a single pattern, and sometimes it is as simple as a snip, trim, a cut, and you're done.
However, I now realize how important it is to be knowledgeable in patternmaking. All of the patternmaking classes I have taken so far in school truly paid off. I should really thank my teachers. I cannot wait until the fall fashion show appears on the RuffleButts website.
As soon as the Fall line fashion show premiers, I hope everyone views the show, and I am sure you will fall deeply in love with the RuffleButts Fall line; I know I fell in love!