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So, as you can see, I took a few days away from the blog to let some of this April Rose drama blow over. Things have not slowed down around here, and today is no exception. I am cramming in as much work this morning as possible (with my daughter home from daycare), turning everything over to Emily, and then off we go to Atlanta. The AmericasMart June apparel show is this weekend and it is my weekend in the Stella Jane & Friends co-op to work a few days. Things have been really slow lately in market world, so I am hoping that we see more traffic this time around. Don't get me wrong, things have not been slow overall, as last month was our biggest yet, but I think people are pulling away from markets and doing more of their research online. Well, at least that's my opinion. So, it will be a crazy weekend for the family, but taking along our very best RuffleButt model =)

On a side note, I do have to give a sincere "thank you" once again, to all of you amazing people out there. I have been so touched, and inspired, by the sweet words of support. It is a little crazy out here in internet world, and it is just too easy to type from a place of emotions and hit "send". I have learned in business not to take other's opinions to heavy, as long as I feel confident in my heart that I am doing the right thing. I continue to be amazed by the swarms to wonderful women out here in blogland, and I only wish I could know each and every one of you in person. I truly do appreciate your comments.