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Off to Hollywood

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As many of you know, we were fortunate enough to be invited out to LA last year to participate in the Boom Boom Room, Pre-Golden Globes Celebrity Gifting Suite. We had a blast and were honored by the praise that we received from some of our favorite celebrity parents! This year, we had no intention of returning to the event for several reasons, but mainly due to the cost of traveling, as well as the recent addition of little Aubrey to our family. With that said, I received an email late last week from Jayneoni, the Founder of the event, informing me of the recent addition to her family...a little girl, and she just had to have some RuffleButts! Jayneoni asked us to come back to the event this year, and I just couldn't say no. We arranged flights (using frequent flyer miles thank goodness!!) and booked daddy for a weekend with his baby girl! Emily and I depart tomorrow morning, headed out to Hollywood! I'll be sure to share our celebrity dish as soon as we return!!

I have received emails from other business owners contemplating this event for their own brand and have always given the same advice...go into any event like this with realistic expectations. I don't think you'll see us on Entertainment Tonight over the weekend, but we plan to make the most of it. I have learned in business to go into everything with low expectations, forecast ROI, and then work as hard as possible to maximize the outcome. Since last years event, RuffleButts has been spotted in Babytalk Magazine, Baby Couture Magazine, Daily Candy Kids and hopefully many more to come. Who knows, maybe Entertainment Tonight is next on the list after all!!