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Now That's Progress!

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Ruffle Intern: V

This week has taken me in a million different directions...

I feel as though everything that needed/needs to be done was sort of shoved into this one week. I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing but it has certainly been kicking my butt to get on top of everything on my agenda, both work-wise and in a personal sense.

Coming home from school for an extended period of time usually means playing catch-up on taking care of myself and making sure I'm healthy and doing what I need to be doing. In other words, doctor appointments...lots and lots of doctor appointments. Unfortunately I had to schedule one of them during the work day so between that and Amber being out of town earlier this week, I haven't had much in-office time.

And yet! I feel like I have learned and progressed a lot this particular week! I took on many tasks including graphic design, web design, and customer service. I really enjoy the creative aspects of this field, and I especially love designing graphics for various projects. This week I worked on creating a couple of banners for different apparel sets for the RuffleButts website. I've never done graphics for a website before and it was interesting to work within a different structure.

I also handled a lot of customer/retailer phone calls, which was great for me because as you may know (and as I have mentioned a couple times before :P), phone skills are not my strong point. But it was no problem! I tell ya, it is so important to push yourself out of your comfort zone and get acquainted with something new. It's a great feeling to tackle something that previously made me uncomfortable.

I appreciate everything that comes my way here at RuffleButts and am going to make the most of my last week and a half!


P.S. The "Make Your Mark" shirts finally came in! They look great! I am so anxious to hear what you all think about them :)