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No more back-orders!!

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I am very happy to share that our replacement stock has finally arrived from our factory, and it looks great! I have learned that no matter how proactive I try to be, there will always be delays and everything takes longer than expected. If you are starting your own apparel business, my advice would be to add about 4-6 weeks into your planning schedule for unexpected delays, especially in the beginning. We are still missing just a few sizes and styles here and there, but we are about 90% there and should be at 100% by mid-July. My biggest concern was and is my customers. I hate to have anyone, mom or store, waiting on stock to arrive. But, I am happy to say that almost all of our moms have now received their back-ordered items and our stores are shortly behind.

I have to give Veronica a ton of credit here, as she has spent a good portion of her days filling orders for the past few weeks, and has done a heck of a job! We hope to get our retailer orders filled and shipped by next week at the latest, so we should be back on track at that time.

Although stock can be a really tough thing for a business to balance financially, I believe that it is hugely beneficial to have our products available year-round to our stores. This allows them to place re-orders anytime they are needed and have them in a matter of weeks! In the beginning, I was afraid to order too much, but with our strong growth and sales, I now feel so much more comfortable having a good amount of product on-hand and in production for replacements. I must admit, that is a good feeling that I am very grateful to have achieved.