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Nana update

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I try to use the blog as an inspirational tool for the business, but today, I am cheating, so please excuse the big belly pictures! Since my husband and I currently reside in South Florida, we are many, many miles away from all of our family and many friends. As this is the first grandbaby for my mom, now officially "Nana", I'm sure you can understand how excited she's been through this whole prego process! My mom is not only a incredibly supportive mom, but also my best friend, and I am thrilled to share this experience with her. So, mom, here's your promised pic...I am getting rounder by the day!

Our little "RuffleButt" is a mini-acrobat and it is so fun to watch her grow so much at this stage. Although we are super busy with the business right now, Mark and I finally took some time this weekend to go check out some needed baby products. It is such a funny feeling walking through the store with our little registry gun, realizing that we really have NO idea what we are doing as 1st-time parents!! There are so many products out there, I am really depending on my mommy friends to guide me in the right direction.

I also have to take this time to thank all of my super supportive fellow-mommy business owners. Your warm wishes, emails of support, and baby gifts are incredibly appreciated! I am so excited to deck out our little "RuffleButt" in so many of my favorite small-business brands. And you better believe I will be promoting the heck out of your businesses to all of my new mommy friends! I couldn't ask to be a part of a more supportive group of women...you are all fabulous!