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These past few days have given me the bug...I'm always motivated to make this work, but these past few days have re energized and given me the hope that I needed. This is my dream, my goal, my "baby" if you will. I have so much faith in this idea that I am putting everything on the line.

Over these past few days, I have been inspired by other business owners and moms that are working their little tails off with so much success. I know I can get there!

So, I sat at Starbucks yesterday discussing the joys of entrepreneurship with Robin of Kaboodle Kids. I am not the chatty type, and usually my brain is off and wandering so much that I have to cut my social meetings short to go put those thoughts to work. Well, Robin and I had so much in common, I looked down at my watch...and it was literally 4 hours later!!! Who does that?? Robin and I just seemed to feed off one-another's drive and excitement - that is so much fun!!

Obviously, over 4 hours we chit-chatted a little about everything, but one area that I found so interesting was our discussion about our blogs. I'm new to this whole writing thing, but I learned that I was not alone...it is a little awkward writing to "who knows who" about your life. We both asked our husbands...what do we write about?? Robin has done such a great job with her blog, I aspire to get there. One great piece of her advice was for me to tell my story. I am going to work at this over the next few weeks...telling you a little more about the "why".

Another fun little motivation for me today was a phone call from a local boutique interested in placing an order. It is very reaffirming for me when boutiques appreciate my creations, and so far I have been so lucky to work with some really fabulous boutiques across the country. You can check out our retailer list on our retailers page. If you are reading this in an area that is not currently on our list - please go to your local boutique and tell them to check us out! I am, as always, so grateful for your support!