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Losing focus

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So, I just read this blog post over at Starting a Baby Boutique & Clothing Line and I couldn't help but laugh to myself for just a moment. Of course, I am not laughing at Amber (yes, same name, different entrepreneur), but relating to her completely. This entrepreneurial journey can be one of many emotions. Honestly, there are some days where I feel like I should be checked into the mental ward (and I think my husband would agree)! You start a business with a grand vision, an idea, and you take this enormous leap of faith. I always say it is a good thing that 99% of entrepreneurs don't truly understand what they are getting themselves into, otherwise, they would never take that first step. I had a very big dream and try to live everyday in this business dreaming the seemingly impossible, but I never really fully comprehended where I was going. I am still in the beginning of my journey, after only 2 years in business, but when I stop to look at what we have accomplished, I am actually just a bit surprised with myself.

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur, from the smallest Etsy Boutique to the largest corporation, we are all on this amazing journey together. Don't lose sight of that big vision you had in the very beginning. Better yet, as you meet those small milestones, dream bigger, set more magnificent goals. Be realistic, Rome was not built in a day, as they say, but try not to get caught up in daily obstacles. And most importantly, grab tightly to the positive people that you meet along the way. Stay in touch with them, lean on them, turn to them for understanding and support. The support of friends and family is imperative to a successful venture, but no one will understand quite as well as those of us on that very same journey.

Here's my challenge to you - write down your dream from the very beginning, in the same words you would have used day 1. Now write down your dream today, with slight revision from experience. How similar are those goals? Now, hang that on your desk and revisit when you find yourself distracted. You may be a bit surprised at how far you've come!