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Little April Rose Update

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I never lost faith that, overall, people are good. I have to be honest, this has all been a little rough on me, but I couldn't be more appreciative of your supportive comments from my earlier post. That's not quite what I received via email this morning. I was accused of everything from " being stupid" to not having a very good "business tactic". Wow, all of this from a decision to help someone in need! I understand the emotions that have been evoked, as a mom, I find myself in an ocean of them today. But, I do have to admit, that was a little hurtful!

I know I can be a bit of an optimist, although I definitely am not naive. I want to have hope, but right now, I am faced with a bit more disappointment. With all of that said, even if this one person, or even handful of people, did lie to world, they are still the minority. The world is full of good people and, if nothing else, this potentially evil action brought out so much good in so many people. So many of you put them ahead of yourselves, you prayed for them, you thought of them, you sent them gifts, you cared. This is why people are good, when put to the test, there are still so many incredibly supportive, loving, giving people out there and please, do not let this experience take that away.

Thank you for taking the time to send me your kind words...they do not go unnoticed!