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So this is my last post in regards to the whole issue from today. I use the ruffleblog to post the good, the bad, and most importantly, the honest perspective through my eyes on this entrepreneurial journey. I never claim to be perfect, just honest. Let me make one clarification on my earlier posts from today. I am not claiming that I was the first to make ruffled bloomers, nor do I think that our designs will go uncopied. That is the nature of the apparel business. What hurt me was the fact that the creator of that other website/brand emailed and spoke with me personally on numerous occasions. She asked for my advice, took my personal time, to inquire about our sales practices, drop shipping, advertising and business contacts. I helped her because I wanted to pay it forward. I feel so incredibly blessed to do what I do, and I want to help others. I was hurt that she would contact me under false pretenses, and then create products so similar to ours, using our business contacts.

I struggled personally with sharing this experience, but I also believe that, although I may be judged, I will always share my honest and true self. I go through the same that others do, I am human, a mom, wife and entrepreneur, and this is a personal journey. Take what you may, read it or don't, like it or not, this is my experience.

I truly and sincerely appreciate all of the kind words...many more than those that criticized, but being honest again, it is always difficult for me to hear the unpleasant. I will take this experience, as I do all others...one to learn from. I am over it, and on to more positive things in my life. I have said it a million times, and I will probably say it a million more...I am so extremely blessed to have such incredible customers, amazing friends and family, and to do what I love every day.