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Just like Ellen Degeneres

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I'm not usually a big celebrity gal and to be quite honest, I rarely have time to watch daytime TV, but I was thinking the other day, if there is a celebrity that I aspire to be like (or at least what I think they are like in real life), it would be Ellen. So here are my reasons why:

1. She breaks the mold.

So we all know that with the exception of Oprah, talk shows don't last long...and most of them, quite honestly, suck. They are the shows we have on in the background when the kids are running around the house or we're making lunch. Not something worth 100% attention. Anyway, Ellen took the risk of coming out with a daytime talk show in the first place and then on top of that, she broke the mold. She did it differently and it works! I hope to apply that daily here at RuffleButts. I read something today that was inspirational..."Be yourself, everyone else is already taken", a quote by Oscar Wilde. How true it this?? And when you think of someone living by that philosophy, Ellen just comes to mind.

2. She shakes her booty and sings on national television.

Not only does Ellen shake her own little booty on national TV, but she somehow gets hundreds of other people to do it too. I am a fairly outgoing person, but I would love to some day get to a point where I really don't care if I look like a goof on national TV. Not saying that she does...she's actually pretty good (she was awesome with the So You Think You Can Dance people a few months ago!!), but the best part is, I don't think she even cares! You seriously could not pay me enough money to do either one of these things in front of millions of people.

3. She makes people smile on a daily basis.

Okay, if you have ever seen her show, I don't think this one requires much explanation. She (and her must-be-kinda-crazy staff) come up with some very "unique" ideas, and I find myself laughing out loud, which does not happen very often when watching TV. When I started RuffleButts, one of the things that I loved about the business is that it was truly an opportunity to create and sell a product that brought smiles to others. I'm not doing it on quite the scale that Ellen does, but I sure would love to!!

4. She doesn't give a sh**.

Okay, I obviously don't know her personally, so I can only make this assumption, but based on her show, I would say that she is not afraid to do it her way. So, she's different, she's gutsy, she's silly, she's real. I can only imagine when they sat down to start the ED show that the "people" thought her ideas were kinda crazy. I bet most people thought it wouldn't work. She only wears pants, she dances and runs through her audience, she has goofy games and positive stories. Who does this and not only gets people to watch, but also get advertisers willing to pay the bills...she does!! She is not afraid to do what makes her happy, while also making others happy, and that is one fabulous combination! I am getting much better at this one, but only two-years into the business and being a natural people-pleaser, I still have a long way to go. Ellen, what is your secret??

5. She spreads her "realism"

Again, I'm not a huge celebrity gal, but whenever I see celebrities on the Ellen show, her "real" personality seems to be contagious. I think she makes people feel at ease and allows them to have fun. We all put celebrities up on a pedestal, but I bet it gets pretty darn boring going from talk show to talk show to promote your work. I bet they get worn down and just want to go home and put on some pjs. But, when they're on Ellen, it looks like so much fun. My employees were watching the recent clip with Taylor Swift when Ellen jumped out to scare her in the bathroom and I just thought "she totally doesn't care". When you see celebrities on other shows, everyone is all about following the rules and not embarrassing them, but Ellen brings out the best in everyone. I mean seriously, she gets well-known celebrities to sing in the bathroom on TV. Now that is just awesome!!

6. She's just a little nuts.

Life is full of responsibilities and I'm sure she has a lot of weight on her shoulders that she never lets us see, but she just seems to enjoy life. I mean really, wouldn't life be boring if we were all "normal"?? I am guilty of falling into my daily routine and being the responsible parent/business owner most days, but this is why I want to be more like Ellen...I don't have to be boring to be a parent and CEO. And it's just so darn fun to be a little crazy every now and then!

Okay, so that's why I want to be more like Ellen Degeneres. How cool to be successful and to be yourself! Ellen is my inspiration today.