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Joy Journey

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Okay here comes the honesty...last week was rough. There is no specific reason, which actually makes me feel a little worse about my attitude, but to be completely honest, I am just worn down. I feel like I am peddling a million miles and hour, and moving, but just worn out. So, late last week, I was a little bummed out and at dinner on Saturday I told Mark (my hubby) that I felt like I was lacking joy. Then, I went to church on Sunday and I think the pastor wrote the sermon just for me...it was all about putting the joy back in your life. It was invigorating, and was a reminder of my true source of joy. I realized that it was my perspective that needed a change, and so this week is my "Journey of Joy" and I am inviting you to join me.

Monday - Organization=Calm
Today I am committing to the cleaning and organization of my desk. I love organization, but I always seem to busy to stick to it. I have high hopes and good intentions, then Aubrey is down in the my office, I am running behind, I get too much mail, and all of the sudden I am working on the 1/4th of my desk that is actually cleaned off. Today, that will change. I am starting with a calm working environment.

Tuesday - Clear Mind and the Captain
Tuesday is going to be all about clearing my mind of the clutter, so I can be a good Captain. I realized that I am the leader here, and my team looks to me to know where we are going and to get us there safely. Lately, I feel like I am too busy being worn down to lead anyone, so that changes today. I have splurged and booked a massage at a local resort. When you book a service, they give you access to their steam room, whirlpool, and all that good stuff. I'm not much of a spa gal, but I'm pretty psyched about this. I am going early in the morning and will spend a few hours decluttering my mind. I will focus on me and getting back to my happy place. Then, I am taking my computer to a local cafe, will have a healthy lunch and spend the afternoon planning out our path for the next year. I am going to put together our "map" and rediscover the joy of the journey.

Wednesday - Plotting the Map
Back in the office for the day, I am going to take as much time to myself as possible and put my plan in place. We are also going to have an office organization day to get everything in its place. I often find us wasting time going from place to place looking for basic office stuff. This is not only a time-waster, but also is stressful. The goal is to eliminate as much stress and negative energy as possible. Today, I am also signing up for some type of mommy & me class. I want to spend more time with Aubrey and I need some mommy friends. I think both of these things are super important in my life and today is the day that I am putting them both on the calender.

Thursday - Spread the Joy
Today is the day of giving. It has always been a top priority to me to share our success. I committed to donate a portion of our profits, and sometimes I am so caught up in the business, I don't take the time to do the things I enjoy...like giving. So today, our company will take the time to gather a bunch of apparel to share with come local children. We are going to give a bunch of bloomers to children at a local hospital to wear under their gowns, and we are sharing a ton of apparel with a local organization that helps families get on their feet. The fabulous thing is that the joy just pours in when you open your heart to give, so I am super excited to share this with my team here at RuffleButts.

Friday - On the same page
This day, as a company, we will review the plans. We will get on the same page, share ideas, get pumped up for what's ahead, and will figure out what we each can do to help. I am also taking just a little time out of the day to plan for my family. I have learned that my joy has to be evenly distributed, and as much as I love this business and devote the majority of my time to running it, I have to commit equally to my other sources of joy. I am booking a trip with my hubby and I am silencing that little voice in my mind telling me that we just don't have the time, or shouldn't spend the money. Our marriage deserves the time and money and I am making the commitment today. Maybe just a weekend away, but we need it, and I am doing it.

Okay, so that's my plan for my personal joy journey. On top of these daily tasks, and probably the most important factor to the success of my plan, is my commitment to spend at least 5-minutes daily in prayer. I did this just before I started RuffleButts, as I was searching for an answer and knew that I had to do something differently. These 5 minutes changed my life drastically and I learned that if you don't take the time to listen, the answer may just pass you by. God doesn't ever forget about us, but he does sometimes nudge us in his own way. I think last week was my nudge and I am ready to listen.