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It's a RuffleButt Girl!!

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Well, we were just hoping for healthy and happy, but I must admit that it's an extra treat to find out that IT IS A GIRL!! I really wasn't ready to start a line for boys, and now I just can't wait to decorate our own little RuffleButt with little fun & frilly booty ruffles! I am so appreciative of your thoughts, prayers & support. I truly could not ask for more amazing customers and friends!

By the way, aren't those ultrasounds just mind-blowing?!! We had our 21 week ultrasound this morning and our little angel decided to go extra cute for the picture, sucking her thumb! As a first-time mom, every little thing just amazes me!

It is also so nice to start my day with such a grounding reminder about what is important in life. I am back at my office now and I just have such a positive outlook this morning, it is quite refreshing. Life is a miracle, and we just can't forget that!