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So sorry I have not been very good about keeping this blog up-to-date. This has been a crazy week as always, but I have some fun news to report....

Jade Alexander (pictured at left) from CBS News 4, here in South Florida, paid a little visit to the RuffleButts office on Tuesday! She is obviously a fantastic reporter, but also an incredibly sweet person and extremely supportive of my whole business adventure. I was touched by her genuine interest in my story.

They first filmed our two adorable little RuffleButt babies (Hannah Hunter & Samantha Gibson) in their little outfits and interviewed Elena, Samantha's mom, & Scott, Hannah's dad. They were awesome! Hannah was just precious as she is a complete natural...she was even blowing kisses to the camera!! Samantha is just a perfect little baby and grinned her way into the hearts of many! Then the camera came to me and let's just say I am not really a "spotlight" kind of person - I was nervous about being the center of attention at my own wedding if that says anything! I wanted to use this opportunity to inspire other young women to go for a dream, but naturally, I also wanted to share my brand with the world. It was a little nerve-racking, but Jade was just so sweet, that I felt completely at ease. I know it sounds a little corny, but if one person could see this short little blurb on TV and get that kick that they need, it would be so extremely rewarding to me.

I always had a dream of starting my own business, but I knew that business just had to contribute something positive to world. Not that I believe that little ruffled baby bottoms aren't a positive contribution, but inspiring others in some small way would be a huge accomplishment for me. I always joke that my story is not the typical fairytale, multi-million dollar success story that you usually see on TV, but more a real-life comedy of errors. I am just an everyday person from an everyday upbringing in Louisville, KY. I may not be a millionaire, but I can finally say that I went for a dream, something everyone should do at one point in their lives.

They are expecting the segment to air sometime today or tomorrow, so I have the DVR set...now I just have to figure out how to get it in digital format to post online. Let's just hope that South Florida loves the little RuffleButts as much as I do!