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I love my job

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No, this title is not to make you nauseous, especially if you are sitting there at your desk staring at the clock...believe me I have my down days too, but I just remembered why I do what I do. I received a phone call from our customer, Megan, calling to place a reorder. She just had the nicest things to say about our products! She sent me pictures of her absolutely adorable daughter Lulu (isn't she cute!!), and gave me the best compliment - she said that the moms at play day, and Lulu's very particular cousin, all raved about her little ruffled outfit. They were all smiles, and I just couldn't ask for more!

She went on to say that she is in early education and so many of the little girls dress like teenagers, which is so disappointing. I am thrilled to hear that there are precious little angels out there enjoying their days of innocence in our little ruffles. The time just goes by so fast and those ruffled years are over before you know it, treasure these days!

So, after many years of soul searching and job hopping, I am just so blessed to be where I am today. Believe me, I never forget it!