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Hold on baby!!

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So there was a bit of drama here in the Schaub household last week...as I went to my regular scheduled OB appointment, the doctor decided to run a few tests to check for possible signs of pre-term delivery. She sent me home with orders to take it easy (ha, ha) and to stay off my feet as much as possible, but thank goodness, no bedrest!! The next day, I awoke to some crazy unexpected side-effects including dizziness that put me on my knees and some strong contractions...a little scary! The doctor had me back in the office and decided to send me over to triage for monitoring. I probably shouldn't admit this, but after making a deal with the doc to go straight home, consume 2 jugs of Gatorade, and to stay off my feet for most of the weekend, she allowed me to skip the hospital for now. I promise, I would have gone in if I felt that there was any risk or if she felt strongly that I needed to go. But, I really didn't want to spend a night in the hospital (with family visiting from out of town for the weekend to top it off!) unnecessarily.

I am doing much better this morning, but have just accepted the fact that I will be having contractions from now until she decides to make her grand entrance. I guess this is not extremely uncommon, so I'm sure I will cope. They have informed me that she likely will not be waiting her full 6 weeks, but I guess you never really know.

The super good news is that I have hired both our Intern for the Fall term as well as our new long-term employee!! They will both be starting on Wednesday, and I am thrilled to have them. I have learned to deal with the unexpected one day at a time, and although I am not prepared for her to be here today, the thought of seeing her precious face is a wonderful one!