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Happy Father's Day :)

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Ruffle Intern: V

Happy Father's Day!

I hope everyone has been able to enjoy today with their families. Today was absolutely beautiful and I was lucky enough to spend it with my mom and dad, my younger sister, and my boyfriend. We shared a Father's Day brunch together at a place right on the beach and it was lovely. Spending time with my family is the main reason I come back home to Florida during the summers (the fantastic weather is a bonus---it's hot, but I'm a tank top and sandals kinda gal!).

Back to business--

I have been extra excited about our work over here at RuffleButts these past couple days. We just got a shipment of our merchandise in and the new t-shirts that I have designed for the following spring season have just arrived in with the bunch! Right now they are just the basic tee's but pretty soon they'll be my very own creation! They're waiting to be screen printed and I am waiting anxiously to see the final results. I'm so proud and I hope that you all will enjoy them for your little ones when the season comes around.


The weekend has been pleasant and now it's back to the work week to get things done!