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Guest Blogger Wednesday...A Chaotic, Fun, & Rewarding Weekend.

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I’m happy to have some of our RuffleButts family members now contributing here at the RuffleBlog. It’s fun to finally have you meet the people that are so very important to me personally, and honestly it’s fun to hear a little from their perspective about this crazy RuffleAdventure! The post below was written by Laura (the same gal that packs your orders with extra care and love) following our Spring photo shoot in Myrtle Beach. It was a whirlwind of a weekend and what Laura politely left out is that she endured not only the wild shoot itself, she also endured 8 hours in the car with me, Mark, Aubrey, and Jonas. Let’s just say, she definitely deserved a raise after that weekend! ~Amber

Semi recently, I had the honor of joining the RuffleButts entourage on a little trip to Myrtle Beach. Why might you ask? Oh you know, only to help with the photo shoot to launch our 2012 Spring Line!!! It was a very chaotic, fun filled, and rewarding weekend.

First of all, I would like to say that I have no idea how we accomplished SO much in such little time. We had Friday evening through Sunday morning to shoot all the new products (boys and girls), and that time can almost be cut in half due to some less than perfect weather. We kept our fingers crossed for sunny skies and luckily enough had quite a few, good windows of opportunity for some awesome pictures! The cute little models, and their parents too, were very patient and such good sports. When the sun came out and it was time to go, they were ready! The toddlers were excited to try on new outfits and be the center of attention, and the tiny babies did a perfect job of looking absolutely adorable. If you ask me, the parents were equally as thrilled just to see their little ones having fun! All in all, it was definitely an action-packed and successful weekend. We returned to RB Headquarters on Sunday afternoon feeling very accomplished, and ready for the busy Spring Season ahead!

~Guest Author, and RuffleButts Employee: Laura