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Gracious celebrities

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I just received a note card in the mail from the Ballard Family thanking me for my generosity and praising our RuffleButts. I must say that I am so pleasantly surprised by this true act of consideration and kindness. Of all the celebrities that visited us at the Boom Boom Room this past January, this is the first to send us a thank you note. With that said, I do understand what a huge task it would be to send thank you notes to all of the incredible companies that participated in the event, and never expected this from anyone. I think this says so much about this family that they went through the effort of either accomplishing this on their own, or through the expense of hiring someone to do this for them.

I must give total praise here, and if you are not already a fan, I hope this gives you a new respect for this talented Actor and his family - Alimi (David Sinclair on CBS' Numbers), Dahn, Naya & Kairo Ballard. This is obviously a beautiful family, both inside and out!