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God, you always know best!

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So, I have really been put to the test over these past few months...we have a lot on our plate...own two homes, are dealing with construction on one, dealing with selling the other, running and growing RuffleButts, and finding the best solution with childcare. I always try to have faith and when I pray, I try to focus on asking for God to put the step stone in front of me and give me the knowledge to know where to step. I try really hard not to ask for specific things like "God, please sell our house today." I try to remember that He knows best, and when He decides not to make something happen when I really wish it would, that there is some reason. Well today, he reminded me that patient faith is rewarded. So, at 8:00am our GC quit...this was a good thing. Our GC was not happy on this job (he's used to running the show and building a home from scratch), and we really weren't happy with him. It just wasn't a win-win situation and we ended it amicably. At 10:00am, we received a contract on our current home. By 6:30pm we had a finalized deal. The best part is, I was able to celebrate this with Mary our employee, Elizabeth our intern, and Kristina, Aubrey's new nanny. All of them happy to make the move with us!

I share this both in celebration with my blogger friends, as well as a reminder to everyone out there praying for something. It is so difficult to remember, but faith is always rewarded. Sometimes we won't understand...I remember praying month after month for God to grace us with a child, yet month after month, she did not come. I prayed through a miscarriage, not knowing that so many of our friends had gone through the same experience. Then, following the birth of our daughter Aubrey just 10 months ago, I looked down and realized why He had not answered my prayers...he needed me to patient, to wait for my precious daughter to come at the right time. We have some friends, two of the most thoughtful and considerate people I have ever met. They have been waiting patiently for their turn at parenthood since we began our family prayers years ago. I don't understand why they have to wait, and I'm sure they don't either. I truly can not think of anyone more deserving. It is so difficult not to get angry or to lose faith, but it is days like today, that I know He is working His (not my) plan. We may not understand it, or like it for that matter, but there is a rhyme to the reason, and He is listening.