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Getting Into The Groove

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Ruffle Intern V

What a crazy week! Between organizing our office, filling our entire order history, working on designs for the next season, PR ideas, and getting together a volunteer project on the side, we have been a busy bunch!

This is all very exciting and new for me. Being a design student, I mainly work in an isolated state of mind, focusing only on the creative task at hand. I have never really been exposed to the responsibilities of promotive/customer interaction in the work world before and I must say--it's pretty thrilling. Although very hesitant at first (I'm not what you would call a 'phone person'), I quickly got into the groove of contacting people during our PR week and now, after working on various promotional ideas and press contacts, am feeling the joy of responses.

I love be able to spend my time here. I feel like I am accomplishing so much more than I would at a typical design job where, more often than not, one is required to work within one very specific field of task without seeing an end to one's means. Working at RuffleButts has allowed me to work first hand with every aspect of running a business in the world of apparel and design. I've really gotten into the swing of our daily routine and its been such a great experience so far. Thanks to everyone who's been keeping up with my time here with me :)

Enjoy your weekend!