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Friendship Rocks

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This weekend, I was thrilled to make a last minute trip back to good ol' KY to visit the folks! It was Aubrey's very first plane ride and her first introduction to many family members. As you can imagine, I was a bit nervous, especially considering that the flight was not direct. And after much bragging about how well she did on the way there, she had a total meltdown on the way home. I was so that lady with the crying baby!! It was completely worth it though, as we had such a great weekend!

On Sunday morning, we joined "G-Daddy and Mimi" and "Aunt Shannon" (Mimi's niece) for church at Southeast Christian, which is this enormous church in Louisville. But, it is sermons like the one I heard this weekend that remind me why it is so enormous! This pastor is incredibly gifted!! He is in his mid-twenties and can touch the lives of thousands in the way that he delivers his message. So anyway, as I was listening to his message on "Friendship Rocks", I kept trying to remember all of the great points he was sharing, so I could share them with you. Finally, I got to the point, where I had a list of about ten different points, so I thought I would just share the entire sermon instead. I know most of us don't have a spare 35 minutes to stop and watch a video, but I am telling you, this one is worth it. It was such a nice reminder of what life is really all about. It also gave me the little kick in the butt that I need every Sunday to work on myself. We all have room to grow and improve, and the day that you stop trying is the day that you lose yourself.

So, when you have a minute this week, I highly encourage you to listen:
This is the video - http://secc.lightcastmedia.com/console/3048/1646014485
Or get the podcast here - http://www.southeastchristian.org/sermons/?id=10780

I have always been one to have many acquaintances, but only a very few close friends. Sadly to say, I am also one to quickly let those friendships fade as things get tough or too busy. I rarely let my friends see the un-pretty side of my life, although I know we all have one. I accept these faults and vow to work on them. I know how blessed I am to have met some really incredible women over the past few years, and this is my (not so private) commitment to make those friendships a priority in my life.