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FREE T-shirts!!

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As a new mom, I have found a whole new appreciation for our "High Maintenance" Trendy Tee! So, in the middle of the night (I always tend to have my best ideas at that time), I decided to run a limited-time special. We are giving away, yes, "giving away" our rhinestone embellished "High Maintenance" t-shirt FREE with the purchase of the matching fuchsia knit Crawlers!!

I thought it would be fun to give something away...doesn't everyone love something for free?? It has been more fun than I even knew!! They are selling like crazy, and we are already running low on stock in some sizes, but I am having a blast! It's kinda like giving a gift to our favorite customers, and I love gift giving!

So, anyhow, if you are looking for a cute little outfit for your little angel or a very reasonably priced gift (they don't need to know it was free!!), then this is a good time to get it! Hope you enjoy =)