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Five things that will make moms everywhere chuckle

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The post below is from one our RB team members that we recruited randomly one day from a store at the mall. Mark and I were browsing (kids in tow) and she was super patient, not too pushy, but still very helpful…my favorite kind of sales/customer service person! Great team-members are sometimes hard to come by, so I figured it was worth a slightly awkward conversation, recruiting her away from her current job! She has turned out to be a fabulous addition to our team, and it has been super fun to watch her grow into her own since joining RuffleButts. My lesson learned from her post: Anyone can do anything, as long as they are willing to put in the effort and learn with a smile. She has certainly done both! ~Amber

What to write this blog about? When I was first asked to write a blog post about anything pertaining to the company, my mind raced with lots of ideas. I could write about my colleagues, my job, the company’s mission, or what it’s like working for such a fast growing company. I finally settled on making a list. The five funniest things I have learned since working at RuffleButts. Or as you may like to call it, the five things that will make moms everywhere chuckle.

1. Diapers: Diapers come in different sizes, not a one size fits all

2. Sizing: 3T doesn’t necessarily mean it’s for three year olds

3. Newborns: Who knew they are so small? Newborn Bloomers are the size of my hand (not really, but a lot smaller than expected)

4. Diaper Changes: Working for a children’s apparel company means that there are inherently going to be kids around who are in need of a diaper change. Lesson learned here, I do not have a strong stomach.

5. The Big One: Just because your kid is napping, it does not mean you have time to yourself to relax or get everything done. I learned this one from a customer who laughed at me when I asked if she was able to get a lot done while her baby was napping.

Did I mention that I am 23 with no kids? Oh how naive I must sound to all you moms out there, or anyone who has ever babysat a child. So thanks RuffleButts and RuffleButt customers for putting up with my previous ignorance to all things baby and teaching me with laughter and jokes.

~Guest Author, and RuffleButts Employee: Bri.