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Fargo Floods

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We so often see things on the news, and our hearts break, but we get on with our day, thinking there is not much we can do. Well, as a sat watching Good Morning America one morning while feeding Aubrey, I look up to see a picture of Fargo, ND covered in water. There were families telling their stories of loss and heartache, and I felt so helpless. Then, I remembered that one of our favorite stores, Pout Baby Boutique, is located in Fargo. My first thought was fear that they would be affected as well, but with hope that the store would be okay, I realized that this was my opportunity to help.

I immediately emailed Kris over Pout. Of course, she is so sweet, that she took the time to respond to me in a time when I'm sure she was bombarded and overwhelmed. She was completely on-board with my plan, so we packed up a box of RuffleButts goodies and shipped them on their way. Kris is now distributing those garments to families in need.

If you are a customer in the Fargo area, be sure to check out this baby boutique. They regularly carry a fantastic selection of our woven ruffled bloomers. Kris always orders a great color variety to offer to her customers!

Pout Baby Boutique


4325 13th Ave S #6, Fargo, ND 58103

When I started this business, it was extremely important to me to do more than just sell baby apparel. I truly wanted to touch the world in some way. Giving back is just one small way that I can do good for others. Although we're not an enormous corporation and we can't write Million Dollar checks or build schools around the world, I hope this small box of apparel was a blessing to someone. Someday, I hope this business can benefit millions of people worldwide!