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Fall line already??

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I am so excited to be moving forward with our Fall designs after the fabulous reception to our Spring debut line! I am also happy to say that we are oh-so-close to getting this whole manufacturing nightmare behind us. The products have arrived here in the states and are scheduled to clear customs tomorrow!! I am looking forward to moving forward and getting these products out to our incredibly understanding and patient retailers. The orders that we have been able to ship out have been so well received and are flying off the shelves!! I can not tell you how blessed I feel to be able to move forward and through this challenging learning experience.

So, on to Fall...

Designs - I am working on our long-sleeved ruffled tee and a few other coordinating pieces, but our standard RuffleButts and RuffleButt Crawlers will remain the same. They are the staple piece of the line and will continue to be available to our customers.

Colors - We will continue to offer the traditional RuffleButt white, pink, lavender, & fuchsia, but will be adding a few colors for the Fall. The aqua, coral, turquoise, & lime are limited edition for the Spring, so be sure to order soon! If we receive enough feedback on any one color, we may bring it back in the future. Lime was one of my favorites and pretty popular this season so far, so I am a little torn on that one! I have received a few requests for black and brown, but am a little hesitant - any thoughts???

The products that are available on our website currently are the Spring/Summer 2008 line, so Fall will be available sometime in August/September. I always love mommy feedback and suggestions, so please feel free to voice your opinion!!